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For decades, SAHM has been showing the world what's possible. Sophisticated winding solutions point in new directions and lend decisive momentum to the industry.

Our exhibitions are where it's happening: Come visit us at one of our upcoming events and find out how you can profit.

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There are actual no exhibitions.

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SAHM is expanding - an investment for the future

The two new hall are already finished. Now we are starting with the interior construction.

New: CarbonStar 2-cop

CarbonStar 2-cop, SAHM automatic winder for carbon fibers and specific towpregs

- 1 head, 2 bobbins (2x20kg) -> maximized efficiency
- 2 bobbins instead of 1 -> make the most out of your production space
- Automatic change-over -> no waste, no downtime


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Winders for the Converting Industry

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Didn't find what you were looking for?

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75 years innovative winding technology

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