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At our Techtextil booth in Frankfurt we celebrated a special anniversary. Exactly 20 years belongs SAHM to the STARLINGER GROUP. Angelika Huemer, Managing Partner of STARLINGER said: "We are very pleased that SAHM is a member of the STARLINGER GROUP".  Claudia van Bonn, Editor-in-Chief of Textile Technology gratuated both companies and their representatives Jochen Zaun, Torsten von Koch and Angelika Huemer to the anniversary.  

Press Release - techtextil - Frankfurt, Germany - June 21 - 24, 2022

Mobile, fully automatic handling and transport system in a new generation


SAHM presents "BoDo II" at the Techtextil in Frankfurt, Hall 12, Stand C99

As a global technology leader for precision winding machinery, SAHM is designing, developing and constructing winding machinery for a wide variety of applications and industry sectors – and over the decades has repeatedly set new technology standards.

This outstanding development capability is evident once again in "BoDo II" – the latest generation of SAHM’s bobbin doffing and transport system.


BoDo II – The SAHM BobbinDoffer

The mobile, fully automatic doffing and transport system BoDo II continues to set new standards in bobbin and tube handling. With BoDo II, the pick-up of bobbins at the winding machine as well as the set-up with empty tubes is performed entirely automatically. Bobbins are then transported automatically to freely defined locations in the production workflow.

With the new BoDo II generation, SAHM is offering three key enhancements:

  • 3 different models are now available to handle one, two or three bobbins simultaneously, with load capacities ranging from 25 to 75 kg.
  • BoDo II now navigates autonomously without any predetermined track. The new generation solution will avoid obstacles as they occur and seek an alternative route when necessary to reach its shop floor destination, providing truly autonomous operation.
  • A new fleet software solution links BoDo II units together and networks with winding machines in operation to enable more complex, process-optimized workflows for comprehensive smart-factory solutions.

In combination with automatic SAHM winding machines, BoDo II provides an entirely new level of flexibility and performance.

The mobile bobbin-handling robot can take up to three bobbins from the winding machine, transport them to a pre-defined position and deliver them there for the next process step.

With its integrated sensors and cameras, BoDo II has 360° perception of its surroundings and independently selects the most efficient route through the production environment.

Intelligent fleet management software sets up a communication link between BoDo II and SAHM winding machines and also allows for communication between multiple BoDo II units for fully optimized logistic and process workflows.

With this enhanced set of features, BoDo II can be flexibly integrated into existing processes for unprecedented levels of bobbin handling performance. On this basis, SAHM’s next generation solution delivers increased speed, efficiency, cost-effectiveness and ergonomic optimization in a fully scalable system.

In addition to BoDo II, we can also provide other automation systems for SAHM winders according to customer specific requirements.


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Georg Sahm GmbH & Co. KG with its headquarters in Eschwege, Germany and offices in
Greenville, S.C, USA and Guangzhou, China, is a leading manufacturer of winders for various applications, e.g. monofilaments, tapes, carbon fibers, aramid fibers, high performance fibers, non-woven tapes, security tapes, etc.

SAHM belongs to the STARLINGER Group, Vienna, Austria.

Eschwege, June, 2022

For more information Contact:

Heike Kollmann
Head of Marketing

Sudetenlandstrasse 33
D-37269 Eschwege

Phone: +49 5651 804-0
Fax:      +49 5651 13620



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