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Handling robot BoDo at work in a factory with human in the background of the photo.
Mobile Handling Systems

BoDo - The SAHM BobbinDoffer

The mobile, fully automatic doffing and transport system BoDo is set to revolutionize bobbin and tube handling within your workflow. The handling robot picks up bobbins, transports them and stores them at the locations you define. At the same time, it loads your winders with empty tubes, ensuring a continuous, efficient workflow.

BoDo - Your reliable new service provider.

Bobbin handling. Fully automatic.

Overview of a complete machine concept consisting of tube depot, SAHM winding machine, SAHM BoDo and quality station.
Detail photo of SAHM tube depot. Pick up of an empty tube by the BoDo handling robot.
Tube depot
Waiting for doffing request, routing to tube depot, pick-up of empty tube(s).

Registration of the RFID tags for the collected tubes.
Doffing of a full bobbin and take up of the full bobbin by the BoDo handling robot.
Bobbin doffing
Driving and positioning in front of the full bobbins. Waiting for the doffing signal. Bobbins are collected.
Placement of the empty tubes on the SAHM winding machine by the BoDo handling robot
Tube placement
Placement of empty tube(s).

RFID tags are matched to the winding head.
Delivery of the full bobbin to a creel trolley by the BoDo handling robot.
Bobbin delivery
Transport and delivery of full bobbins to a suitable receiving system (e.g. creel trolley).
Suggestion of a display of a quality station.
Automatic or manual checking of bobbin quality at a quality station. With the RFID option, the data of the current bobbin is shown on a monitor and can be saved there.
BoDo charging station
Charging station
Automatic navigation to the waiting position or - when the battery is low - to the charging station.

Precise, optical position sensing

BoDo's laser scanner registers routes and positions quickly and precisely.


Freely definable range of motion


Freely definable range of motion

Operating routes and the pick-up and storage points for bobbins and tubes can be freely programmed - making BoDo compatible with any production environment.


Your Industry 4.0 solution

Networked with SAHM winders, the BobbinDoffer supports logistically optimized workflows, enhanced with our optional RFID system.


Detects persons and objects


Detects persons and objects

BoDo guarantees safe operation alongside personnel, vehicles and machines. Its safety laser scanner monitors the environment. As soon as it detects an obstacle, the robot reduces its speed. If the object is within its defined protected area, BoDo stopps immediately, avoiding a collision.


Solutions for any production capacity

BoDo is a flexible, scalable system which offers a suitable solution for every production operation and for any output. Several handling robots can be interconnected to work as a team. The mobility of the system also enhances its scalability: Each robot's operating range can be freely defined and extended.

This makes BoDo a future-oriented solution!


Continuous processes in combínation with automatic SAHM winding machines, e.g.:

  • CarbonStar II
  • LinStar


  • Simultaneous removal/placement of bobbins on two adjacent winding heads
  • Safety laser scanner


  • Creel trolley
  • Tube depot
  • Touch panel on vehicle
  • SLAM process (main routes without lines)
  • Remote control for teaching of the BobbinDoffer
  • Second safety laser scanner at rear of the BobbinDoffer
  • Possibility of integration with higher-level process control system





Total supply chain transparency.

Technical data

*) Additional values available on request
Load capacity 50 kg
Speed Max. 1 m/s
Battery runtime 4 hours, charging time 60 min.*
Changes Max. 30 doffs per hour
Safety equipment Safety laser scanner, audible warning signals
Tiers 2 (standard)*
Routing Lines, bar codes, optional SLAM
Tube inside diameter 94 mm*
Tube outside diameter 100 - 108 mm*
Tube length 216 mm and 290 mm*
75 years innovative winding technology

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