Made with SAHM Winding Technology.

Firefighter at work - wearing fireresisting clothes made form high performance fibers

Made with SAHM Winding Technology.

Formula 1 racing car - parts of it are made out of carbon fibers

Made with SAHM Winding Technology.

Banknotes. Safety strips of it are spooled on SAHM machines.

The right solution for every application

Each material has its own specific requirements. In thousands of research series, we have accumulated extensive materials expertise which is incorporated into each of our products.

The SAHM portfolio includes precision cross winders, parallel winders, rewinding machinery, high performance winders and single yarn coating lines.

No matter what the application – all of them have one thing in common: sophisticated and reliable products designed for easy planning and cost-effective operation.

Didn’t find the application you were looking for? Just click on "Winders for special solutions” and fill out the questionnaire, and our experts will get back to you.

75 years innovative winding technology

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