Textile Tube Identification Technology

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Detail photo of a tube with RFID chip
Textile Tube Identification Technology

IntelliTexCORE RFID - Total supply chain transparency.

Textile Tube Identification Technology

IntelliTexCORE RFID - Total supply chain transparency.

Today’s supply chains are global and increasingly complex.

Together with our partner SONOCO, we have developed a system which offers our customers a high degree of flexibility: IntelliTexCORE RFID.

By means of an RFID chip embedded in the tube, every bobbin can be precisely accounted for. As part of the winding process, information such as production and batch data are saved in a database and linked to the unique bobbin ID.

The bobbin ID can then be read electronically without contact and matched with the database. Among other uses, this makes quick tracing of a product to a precise batch possible. A customer with an appropriate ERP system product can use this technology to optimize internal logistics in such a way that warehouse management, quality assurance and even need-based production planning in the context of Industry 4.0 are no longer wishful thinking.

IntelliTexCORE RFID is our contribution to product safety in global production networks:

  • Makes possible real-time tracing from production to consumption
  • Enables automatic reading of a full palette of yarn in one step
  • Increases operating efficiency
  • Provides for real-time inventory database interfaces
  • Eliminates manual input errors and minimizes manual stocktaking
  • Enables exact localization of available stock
  • Completes traceability from tube production, yarn winding, warehousing to disposal

The advantages to you:

  • Monitoring of all process steps and improved warehouse transparency
  • Minimization of buffer stock and therefore reduction of required operating capital
  • Monitoring and optimization of your production in real time
  • Avoidance of mix-ups, manual intervention and waste because of imprecise input or damaged labels
  • Reduces manual placement errors
  • Helps optimize productivity of workers/operators
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